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To be a leading centre of excellence that provides quality education based on innovation and skills for taking on challenges in the competitive global marketplace.

If you have a strong determination in your mind, if you are ready to work hard for that until you achieve it, then nobody can stop you from success, this is the inspiration I have drawn from the example of a great achiever, M.C.Gupta, a distinguished Academician and Educationist, Founder Member of M.C.Gupta College of Business Management – a multi-lingual, multi-national and multi-disciplinary educational complex of international repute.

"The motto of MCGCBM is 'Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam' – The World is one family"

Shri Surendra Luniya, President in his message to the youth of our country is thus: "You are in a country where right is might, humility is not weakness, & where knowledge is power where true leaders are defined more by action than by position and title."

Looking towards 2020, The Secretary Shri. Laxminiwas Sharma vision is to “Make MCGCBM global in a true sense of the term, a Vishwagram, a Knowledge Village. The MCGCBM mission is to translate my vision into reality. And India must nurture its talent by Saraswati. All hassles in the way of starting good education must be abolished". Shri. Laxminiwas Sharma also the Ex-Chairman of the prestigious Federation of Andhra Pradesh Chambers of Commerce and Industry  (FAPCCI).